Book Cover Design: Relationshipping Your Way To Financial Success

“Money is a sensitive subject. More so in a relationship. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Money should be a tool but for many of us, it has formed a strong link to our emotions. In other words, money makes us feel a certain way. And it turns out those feelings aren’t the same for everybody.

Find out how figuring out your own emotional money connections can help you better connect with the right partner. Then you can focus on the other business of romance.” – @theeconomicpharmacist on his book.

The author requested a design that conveyed the message of the book, the kind of readers it was targeted to as well as the urban setting. We came up with this concept of a couple walking along a meandering path, “Wealth Street”, while holdings hands as a symbol of their union. The skyscrapers in the backdrop reflect the urban setting as well depict the metaphor “The sky is the limit”.


The colour not only depicts the sky but was selected for it’s psychological association with the feelings of trust, wisdom as well as a bright future.